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One Million Dollar 5 Rupee Note – Here is the detail

5 Rupee Most Expensive Old Note

Let’s go into the depth, why is the value of this 5 Rupee Note approximately One Million..

1. This is the one of the oldest Collection.
2. This 5 Rupee Note signed by Sarukkai Jagannathan who was the tenth Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from 16 June 1970 to 19 May 1975.
3. This 5 Rupee Note has a serial ending number 786. Which indicates or related this note to luck.
4. This 5 Rupee Note is crystal clear, looks clearer than latest 5 Rupees Note.

The rarest and most expensive 5 Rupee Notes Serial No. is F87 711786.

Front Side Image of Rarest 5 Rupee Note ©
Back Side Image of Rarest 5 Rupee Note ©

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