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Know Everything about Bajaj Chetak – Full Review

Bajaj Chetak, an exquisitely designed electric scooter entering the electric two-wheeler industry.

Design of chetak

SeamlessStyle. Flush FittedExteriors​.


Steel Body panelsthat shall last for years.

Riding Range

90 km (IDC as per AIS 040) with a new Battery on a full charge in Eco Mode.

Models and Colors

  • 6 Colours,
  • 2 VariantsStarting
  • ₹ 1,42,988ex-showroom Bengaluru.


Convenient & Secure

The Chetak key fob is a remote key, which makes it easier to locate your scooter within a distance of 30 meters. It also offers a keyless ON-OFF system. So just keep your Key Fob with you and you can start your scooter with a single press of the power button.


The Chetak Lithium Ion battery is designed to last for 70000 kms which normally takes 7 years*. We offer a warranty of 3 years or 50000 kms (whichever comes earlier)*


High Visibility

The Chetak features an eye-catching LED headlamp designed in the shape of a horseshoe which offers superior intensity, range, & focus. It also has sequential LED blinkers, which light up one by one – announcing the intention to turn.

Connected Experience

Always Connected* & Secure

Locate your Chetak, protect it from theft and receive notifications in case of an accident or unauthorized access on the Chetak app on your smartphone. Stay connected* with your Chetak no matter where you are.


Intuitive & Convenient

The Chetak comes with soft-touch controls. The high-quality electric switches are designed to get activated with the lightest of touch, which makes them quick and easy to use.


Eco, Sports, Reverse

Chetak offers 3 ride modes. 2 Forward – Eco and Sports and 1 Reverse. In Eco Mode, the Chetak automatically detects your need for extra power and can switch to Sports mode and then back to Eco Mode.
The Reverse mode allows you to gracefully back out of parking slots.


No Worries, No Compromise

The Chetak has a class leading range of 90 km (Under IDC as per AIS 040) with a new Battery on a full charge in Eco Mode. Your perfect companion in the city which ensures a smooth, clean and zero emission riding experience every time.


Longer Life, Superior Quality

The Chetaks steel frame and body panels ensure high quality and durability. Its IP67 rating assures you of non-stop riding irrespective of the riding conditions.


Longer Life, Better Driving

The Chetak has no belts or chains. Its unique solid gear drive, compact design and superior transmission gives you a smooth jerk-free riding experience.


Freedom & Convenience

The Chetak comes with a charging cable and an adapter which helps you charge your Chetak at any 5A household charging socket, so you can charge anywhere whether at home or office. Charging your Chetak is as easy as charging your phone.


You can buy a Chetak wall charger that can easily fit into your parking slot at home or work. The wall charger comes with multiple safety features and ensures that no one can either connect or disconnect your charging cable without your consent.

Main FAQs Related Bajaj Chetak e-Scooter

What is the on-road price of Chetak?

While booking a Chetak electric scooter on website, you will get the indicative breakup of total on-road price. The on-road price on the date and time of final vehicle sale invoice is treated as final and binding.

How do I charge a Chetak?

The Chetak electric two wheeler can be charged at any three-pin AC 220V, 5A grounded (earthed) wall socket. If you can charge your Phone, you can charge your Chetak.

How long does the battery last on Chetak electric scooter?

The Chetak lithium-ion battery is designed to last for 70000 kms which normally takes 7 years, provided the user ensures the lithium-ion battery is kept charged above 15% of capacity and used regularly. We offer a warranty of 3 years or 50000 kms (whichever comes earlier)*.Click here to learn

How to book a chetak online?

It’s very simple!
Step 1: Create your account & complete the profile by providing basic details and OTP verifying the same.
Step 2: Specify the variant and colour of Chetak, and your Chetak dealership.
Step 3: Pay the booking amount to your selected Chetak Dealership online.
Click here to learn

How far can Chetak electric two-wheeler go on a full charge?

The Chetak electric scooter has a class-leading range of 90 km (under IDC as per AIS 040) in Eco Mode on a full charge with a new battery.
The range obtained by a user shall depend on factors such as: age of the battery, road and traffic conditions, tyre condition and inflation, riding style, load on the vehicle, use of electrical accessories such as lamps and horn and mobile phone charging etc.

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