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PhonePe The Best App for Digital Payments and Many More

PhonePe is an Indian digital payments and financial services company headquartered in Bangalore, India.

“Har Phone Pe PhonePe Hai !”

But what does this mean – Here we are going to share, why PhonePe is the Best app for Digital Payments and also discuss about Its extra services and features.

So, stay with us and if don’t have the PhonePe app yet, Download it right now

Let’s Compare PhonePe, Google Pay and Paytm. What people actually say about all these apps.

Comparison of PhonePe vs Google Pay vs PayTM


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

95 % Satisfied Users

Easy Interface

Super Fast Fund Transfer

Recharge and Bill Payments

Payment To Merchant

Cashbacks and Rewards

Linked Services as PhonePe SWITCH

Investment Platform

Gold Investment

Effective Customer Service

Google Pay

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

90 % Satisfied Users

Send and Receive Money via Audio

Pay Utility Bills

Loan offer

Multiple cashback and rewards benefits

Ease of Ordering Food

Ease of Booking Tickets

High Chance to get Cashbacks

Insurance Payment

Offer Huge Local Services


Rating: 5 out of 5.

72 % Satisfied Users

Full Banking Services

School And College Fees

All Features are similar to Google Pay and Phonepe

Now, let’s go to the depth of phonepe. Why they are at no.1 position in India.

PhonePe Customer Support

Many of people when they feel they need customer support. They start googling PhonePe Customer Care Number but this is not a right way cause it’s consume lots of time to connect your call with customer care. We are suggesting you to drop message or report issue instead of dialing customer care number.

PhonePe Customer Care Number

Because many peoples are still looking for PhonePe Customer Care Number so, here it is –

080-68727374 / 022-68727374

Customer Care Number
080-68727374 / 022-68727374

PhonePe Download APK

If you don’t have a PhonePe app and you want to download it. So, you don’t need to visit external website and download APK file than install this. All you need to just click the button below and it will land you to Play Store or Apple Store and there you’ll be able to download PhonePe app.

Why Many People Love to use PhonePe ?

PhonePe app Clocks 250 Million Users In India.

The Walmart-owned firm, which competes with Google Pay, Paytm and Amazon Pay, now processes some 1.07 billion monthly transactions across UPI, cards and wallets.

Let’s know the exact reasons why people love to use PhonePe instead of Google Pay, PayTM, Amazon Pay or any other digital payments apps.

Easy To Use Interface

Easy to Use Interface of PhonePe App :- In one word “Excellence“.
It means this app is easy to use, even if you are going to use this app for the first time, you will definitely do everything from Mobile Recharge to Electricity Bill Payments.

PhonePe User Interface Vs Other Digital Payments App User Interface

If you compare the PhonePe app user interface to Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay or any other digital payment app, you will find that PhonePe is 100 out of 100 user friendly.

So below we give all these digital payment applications a score out of 100 for user friendly interface.

  • PhonePe (100 out of 100)
  • Google Pay (90 out of 100)
  • Amazon Pay(89 out of 100)
  • PayTM (92 out of 100)
  • BHIM (85 out of 100)

Fastest Payment

This is the another reason why many people love to use PhonePe as their primary digital payment app.

If you have ever used google pay, then you definitely know that your money gets stuck many times.

Below is the rating given by us for Fastest Payments to these payments app.

  • PhonePe (100 out of 100)
  • Google Pay (82 out of 100)
  • Amazon Pay(85 out of 100)
  • PayTM (84 out of 100)
  • BHIM (83 out of 100)

You should use phonepe app once.

PhonePe App Extra Features

Like all others digital payment apps, you can do your mobile recharge, pay electricity bills and do many similar things on phonepe app. But what makes phonepe app better than others ?

Well, above you can read about the two main features but there are many more like Investment or Buying Insurance, Donation, etc..

Why PhonePe is the Best App ?

Well below is the final summary why from our point of view phonepe is the Best App for Digital Payments.

  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Fastest Payment (1% chance of failed transaction).
  • Secure.
  • Easy Gold Investment.
  • Easily Can Buy any type of Insurance using PhonePe App.
  • Able to do Invest on Small Cap, Mid Cap and Large Cap Funds.

That’s all for now, later we’ll cover the topics related how to Start SIP or Invest in Mutual funds using PhonePe App.

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