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Cheapest and Best WordPress Hosting in India | By

Hey there if you’re looking for cheapest and best wordpress hosting in India. Here is the best one picked by for you. So, let’s quickly checkout why and which is the best and cheapest wordpress hosting in India.

In one word, one without going deeper, we will highly recommend you Miles Web Hosting for WordPress Hosting as we earlier discuss about why Miles Web is Best and Cheapest web hosting in India. Now, we also recommending you that Miles Web is also a Good and Cheapest WordPress Hosting in India.

The Best And Cheapest WordPress Hosting in India.

Please Read The Below Key Points Why We Take Miles Web Hosting as India’s Best Cheapest WordPress Hosting.

  • Miles web is cheapest as 40 rupees per month plan.
  • It provides a free ssl certificate for your website.
  • The customer support of Miles Web Hosting is also appreciable.
  • Better Website speed.

Miles Web Hosting is Best For –

  • Miles Web Hosting is Best For Newbies.
  • Miles web hosting is Best For Bloggers.
  • Miles Web Hosting is Best for all, who are looking for cheapest ever plans in Hosting.

Let’s compare Miles Web Hosting With Others.

Miles Web Hosting VS Bluehost Web Hosting Comparison.

Firstly Let’s Compare the Web Hosting Plan’s between Miles Web and Bluehost

Below is the screen shot of Bluehost Hosting Pricing and Plans –

price and plans of bluehost wordpress hosting,

As Compare to bluehost below is the screen shot of Miles Web Hosting –

Miles web hosting plans and pricing by Grab It Once

We think you will get an Idea after checking these screenshots.

Let’s Compare only plan of both Bluehost and Miles Web

If you choose Bluehost it will cost you minimum 199 rupees per month But If you choose Miles web so here you need pay just 69 Rupees per month. And yeah, there is another hidden things behind pricing. All the about pricing is only valid when you will choose 3 Years Plan otherwise, the per month website hosting cost is much higher than, shown here.

In Bluehost Web Hosting and Miles Web Hosting, which one is the Best and Why ?

Yeah, that’s exactly we are expecting so below is the answer.


As, we compare both web hosting (miles web vs bluehost ). We found that Bluehost is good web hosting but as we compare the pricing and plans so, we decide that Miles Web Hosting is much better than Bluehost.

So, what are you waiting for, Go For the Miles Web Hosting ..

In this blog our vision was to to help you to choose the Best and Cheapest Web Hosting. And we just done our job. Now it’s completely depends on you to choose or not.
If you’re looking for Miles Web Hosting Comparisons with Other top web hosting companies so please be with us. View All

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