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Drone Camera Of The Month, April 2019 | Grab It Once.

DJI MAVIC 2 -See The Bigger Picture

Perfect Drone Camera .

(Buy From Amazon Store @ $1849)

(Buy From DJI Store @ $1499)

Product Specification ::

  • See the bigger picture: equipped with a Hasselblad l1d-20c camera with a 20MP 1” CMOS sensor, The Mavic 2 lets you capture gorgeous aerial shots in stunning color detail.
  • Up to 31 minutes flight time, 44 mph max speed, 907G takeoff weight, 3-axis gimbal for steady shots, 8GB internal storage, SD card Support up to 128 GB.
  • Functions include active track 2.0, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, Hyper lapse, low-noise design, adjustable aperture, HDR photos.

(Buy From DJI Store @ $1499) (Buy From Amazon Store @ $1849)

Most Helpful Customer Review –

” I am noticing a little better battery life – maybe 5%, but that is a guess
– Also noticing more range – I was able to get 300-500 ft further with my Mavic 2.
– As always… the Mavic 2 Pro is super easy to fly. It is embarrassingly easy… it is amazing that it is significantly easier to fly this drone than a high-end RC car.
– Seems to be a little quieter than the original Mavic.
– Loaded with sensors…. which is great… but I am not much of a daredevil when it comes to flying it close to objects.
– I am very excited to try some of the new filming modes. They have just been released, so I will have to include my thoughts on an update to this review. However, filming smoot footage is a challenge, so I am intrigued with the new dolly mode and tracking capability.
– Without going into a huge amount of detail, the DJI promises a lot regarding color and recording capability. I am still a little skeptical – the camera is again writing to a micro SD card (and not on a high speed external hard drive) so there are limitations to how much data that can be transferred. At some point the data has to either super -compressed or not collected. When you start filming in 4k on a 1″ sensor you start to generate some very large files…. something has to give.” -BY AMAZON CUSTOMER**.

We Recommend Grab It Once.

(Buy From Amazon Store @ $1849) (Buy From DJI Store @ $1499)

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