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Pocket Gadget Of the Month, April 2019 | Grab It Once

How do you capture moments worth keeping? As the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera DJI has ever designed, the compact and intelligent Osmo Pocket turns any moment into a cinematic memory. In just seconds, Osmo Pocket lets you share your life anywhere, anytime.

This is why, Grab It Once Choose Osmo Pocket, Pocket Gadget Of the Month.

DJI OSMO POCKET – Because Life Is Big

(BUY From Amazon Store) @ $ 369

(Buy From DJI Store @ $349)

Product Specification ::

  • 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal: The Osmo Pocket camera is equipped with a remarkable 3-axis stabilized gimbal and a new algorithm that ensures a control accuracy of ±0.005° and maximum control speed of 120°/s.
  • Amazingly Powerful Performance: Osmo Pocket snaps photos in stunning detail, thanks to a 1/2.3-inch sensor, 80° FOV, and f/2.0 aperture. It can also shoot 4K/60fps video at 100Mbps and photos at 12 MP with a pixel size of 1.55 μm for footage worth sharing every time.
  • DJI Mimo: Osmo Pocket is meant for anyone with a story to tell, which is why we developed DJI Mimo. This dedicated app expands your imagination with editing tools and opens the door to a community that inspires your own visual storytelling.

What you get: DJI Osmo Pocket, Carrying Case, Smartphone Adapter (USB-C), Smartphone Adapter (Lightning), Power Cable. NOT INCLUDED: Micro USB Adapter, USB-C to Micro USB adapter.

(BUY From Amazon Store) @ $ 369

(Buy From DJI Store @ $349)

For More Watch The Videos.

(BUY From Amazon Store) @ $ 369

(Buy From DJI Store @ $349)

(BUY From Amazon Store) @ $ 369

(Buy From DJI Store @ $349)

Following is the Customer Review –

“” This Gimbal device is fantastic, and it still isn’t finished yet. DJI is still releasing updates along the way. My main desire for getting this is for vlogging, I wanted to start a youtube channel, but I didn’t want to carry the OSMO mobile 2. It just wouldn’t be as flexible of a device for me.

This is so small that I can bring it into restaurants and set it down while I walk around the place as it’s tracking me ( Like a personal camera-man ) you cut the need for so many different camera angles. The microphone isn’t an issue for me since I use an external digital recorder (Tascam DR-40) for voice capture, this way I’m not limited with the distance I can have the OSMO pocket away from me.

The tracking is spot on, just don’t be silly and wack the thing around like a boomerang. You move it just like you would the OSMO mobile 2, slow and easy. This is meant to stabilize, but like anything you can only go so fast before you reach the limits of this technology. “” -BY AMAZON CUSTOMER.

(BUY From Amazon Store) @ $ 369

(Buy From DJI Store @ $349)

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